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  1. Hey, send me a message sometime... I miss talking to you.
  2. -looks at the comments, looks at you, looks back at the comments- I someone likes you...
  3. Okay -hugs you back- I'll try to be. ^^
  4. I'm glad to hear you are alright, you should be more careful, alright -hugs gently-
  5. No, my ribs are just bruised a bit.. but other than that i'm fine..
  6. Are you ok? You weren't hurt too bad were you? (frikkin 50)
  7. I see... i haven't really, but i usually never am.. btw... i was hit by a car yesterday
  8. I don't get on the computer much at all. I'm really busy now of days.
  9. Do you not get on MSN very much?...
  10. Thats good to hear, I'm glad your doing alright. (..........50)
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