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  1. yea we got to have some fun. And he's starting to get into the twilight series now, so it's cool we have another thign to talk about. (especially since I'm a huge fan)
  2. that doesnt sound very exciting...
    i think i wouldnt watch that kinda movie..
    well after that you had your fun or not...
  3. It's about a psychotic cop living next door and he tried every way possible to get his new neighbors to move.
  4. oh that's a shame then..
    What is it about then..??
    Or the movie is just bad..
  5. We went and saw Lakeview Terrace, but it was really boring
  6. ah that's nice..
    what kinda movie your gonna see??
    and have fun..
  7. yea, we listened to music and messed around on the computer. And today were going to the movies in like an hour.
  8. aww that's very sweet...
    and did you do fun things with your
    best friend then??
  9. Thats cool, yesterday I hung out with my best friend, then talked with the girl I love.
  10. okay..then i wont worry that much...
    i'm good..
    yesterday i was out to party...
    and what have you been doing???
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