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  1. ROSA!!!!!!!!!! -hugs tightly- I've missed you! How are you? Are you okay? I hope your doing okay. ^^ God it seems like it's been forever!
  2. okay.. but make sure it's what you want to do first...

    Sure okaies. ^^
  3. Oh.. Okay.. Good for you. ^^x.. I think.... O_o You guys like each other as friends so why not be just friends?
  4. O_O then why are you guys dating.. i mean if he said he didn't love you..
  5. Aww Age is just a number sweetie.. but um.. it's not right for you guys to be in relationships and to be still telling each other how much you love each other when your not dating..
  6. OMG! I'm so happy for you! -hugs you- ^^x.. Tell me about him?
  7. Hi hi, It's been a while since i've talked to you and just wanted to know if everything was going alright..
  8. -smiles- ^^ Well maybe something more will come out of it.
  9. Then it's a perfect match! ^^x... (This 50 character thing is starting to bug me)
  10. Awww ^^x.. Maybe they like you rosa...... -smiles- ^^
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