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  1. Haha wow thats pretty cool (:
    There aren't that many around here so it's like a good hour drive to one. Oh thats cool they understand you (: Haha me too, I don't smoke except for hookah
  2. oh I know, they're just so chill, my group of friends go enough that the staff knows us now, haha. I'm not a smoker, except for hookah. XD My parents are cool about it, they smoked cigarettes and stuff back before they had me, so they understand.
  3. Haha ouch! That must have sucked so bad. Ooo I love hookah bars haha
    But my parents aren't that keen with me going there
  4. I did even worse, first day back from break I found out I had a test in a class. I had three hours to prepare and did pretty bad. >_< I've been pretty productive the last few days though, gonna take a break later and head over to the hookah bar.
  5. Haha sounds like a fun party to me! (:
    Ouch lol good luck with all your work. Ah man I pushed off studying for a test and I spent the last 3 days with that book glued to my face lol. And now another test xP. Always back to the ol' grind (:
  6. the party was most enjoyable, I had a blast. Nothing like highlighters, black lights, and alcohol. XD Spring break is over regrettably, and I've been paying for not doing homework over break. Craaazy busy this week. What about you? back to the ol' grind?
  7. Hey! How was the party? (:
    And how was your spring break? or is it still going on right now?
  8. Oh man that's not good! Next time eat a big one and sleep good the night before haha.(: I normally don't feel bad afterwards. Ooo that sounds like a lot of fun (;
  9. I almost passed out giving blood one time because I didn't eat a big enough breakfast beforehand. I think I slept after that too, haha. I don't mind giving blood but ugh, I don't like the feeling afterwards either. I gonna party it up tonight, wooo!
  10. Haha.
    I'm O+ so my blood is good for everyone. =P
    Oh man yea I was so lightheaded, when I came home I went to sleep for a couple hours haha.
    It took a lot out of me but I wouldn't mind doing it again (: It's really different from just donating whole blood though thats probably why I was so weak
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