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  1. Haha silly.
    Oh thats cool (:
    I haven't put up an really recent ones yet I guess I am to lazy lol.
    My dad was pretty good, I had a doctor's appointment and such.
    So I am about to go rest soon
  2. yeah :3
    it was alright just so long ya know XD
    i put some pics of me on here(finally lol)
    how about you
  3. Hahah yea you do.
    But I know what you mean lol.
    How was your day today?
  4. true but there is an art in using an ax in battle( now i sound like a hack-saw murder) lol
  5. Ahh ok (:
    Haha oh nice haha I prefer a gun does the job much quicker I think lol
  6. yeh fairly new, I love anime and manga well just japanese culture really and came across this site :3
    If it were me I'd have a hand that magically have an ax >:3
  7. Haha awe.
    Pfft If I could I would change hands without people and then magically have a gun. Haha
    How are you dear? Kinda new around here?
  8. lol thats cool I like zomble loan but if ya ask me I'd like to keep my hand the way it is >.> lol
  9. Hey CJ
    I'm doing pretty good thanks.
    Ah zombie loan was my favorite but I don't really keep up with animes any more to be honest.
  10. Hello I'm new Names CJ
    How are ya?
    What kind of anime do you like? :3
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