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  1. Lol I have been really good ^^ hehe What's up with you? I missed ya ^^ <333 lol
  2. DOVEY!!!!!!!! Oh my geezers. I missed you. Where have you been?? *Glares* better have been good! lol. ^^
  3. HUNNI!! I missed u!! Drop me a line soon okies ^^
    Loves chu <333
  4. Aww...well I hope everythings ok ^^
  5. Hehe I missed you too!! TT Alot of things happened ducky >>
  6. Ducky still loves youuuuuu!!!!!!!! XD Get on Ryo! I miss you T-T
  7. Hun do them white tips^^ Cutee ...
  8. hun help which is better blue or white nails? I am doing my nails at the moment
  9. Wait....why should i get a check-up if all i do is take pills such as Tylenol????
    That's all the doctor's gonna say anyway..
  10. All the more reason to get a simple check up ok ^^
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