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  1. I don't need a doctor love. My stomach hurts bad too. I think i have a fever b/c IM HOT! then im cold then im throat hurts too...
  2. Lol ok ^^ I hope you feel better you better see a doc too ok ^^
  3. Not actually. I brought my laptop to bed with me. I'll get off when i feel like it. lol
  4. lol thanks hun ^^ Alot of ppl say that ^^ anyways feeling a bit better?
  5. Kinda??? No girl your SUPER NICE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. lol trust me I am nto going to be like other emo's trust me ^^ lol yea I know I am kinda sweet XD
  7. lol you better not b/c i'll get on your case. And good b/c you don't seem,look or act like one^^ lol
  8. Lol I am alittle of both but don't think I am going to cut myself trust me sweetie. It's my little escape from myself.
  9. ryo love your emo??? OR are you goth??? OMG...
  10. ^^ lol it's a cool place for emo's and goth people.
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