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  1. Yea ^^ I am soo planning too!! I can't wait till college!!
  2. oh girl me neither. Im going to Harvard^^ Are you going to collage ?
  3. lol I am studying my life away >.< I don't like physics
  4. Lol it's ok. SO what's up lately ?
  5. Thanks love you know how much finals suck! I am like studying my life away >.< It is sad
  6. Ahh. but then you have college muahaha!!! LOL..

    And so true Lol xD Miss Admin you haven't come to Aw but you explained so i'll give u another chance^^
  7. Cuz we just get each other like that XD Lol Yea I am almost a senior at high school!! I am soo close to leaving it !! WOHHOO!!
  8. Hey love. I know. It's ok^^ How did you know i missed you? Anyways i hope you pass them SCHOOLS ALMOST OUT^^
  9. Heyy sweetie!! I miss ya!! lol waz up sorry I am not much of help at the moment I have finals and I am stressed out!!>.<
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