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  1. You really need to pm me your yahoo or msn. So we can talk more lol
    How are you??
    It's been such a long time since we have talked :/
  3. Lol I am pretty amazing ^^ I got a bf and I am pretty much head over heels for him XD
  4. Lol, not much ryo, How have you been ?
  5. AHHH KOGA!!! lol hey what's up?? it's been like forever and ever and ever and ever! heheh
  6. Well I do get on sometimes...alright I will balance it out how about that ^^ lol I am sorry I am not around as much
  7. You really need to get on more and of that other site....
  8. Ryo ?! Why not pm me some time ?
  9. *bit by bit lol XDDD lol I didn't mean to write but it was a mistake XDDD
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