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  1. and her soul slowly chilled her leaving her...
    Lol thats good but still you need rest ya know
  2. because Zeus was playing around!!!!
    i'm carried away with greece culture today .. and i know but i can't help it ,i'm attending to something important now that's why. lol
  3. while the cold air chilled her
    Woah you need some rest it's not healthy
  4. a train pushed by hercules ..
    it's 4 am here and i'm still not sleepy .. strange ...
  5. And they drove as fast as...
    So how is anything over there? lol
  6. so moving like a vihecle!
  7. shining brighter because they were
    It's okay trust me ^^ lol
  8. talkative and alive! in addition ...
    use a lot of spaces
  9. AWW it doesn't work with me

    Wondering why the stars are...
  10. the stars in the afternoon ...
    note : use spaces before the last word to solve the problem.
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