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  1. Hehehe =D
    I like it alot! it's super cute and i was like AWHHH I love it =D
  2. Yay!! Thats good. I'm great!! and thanks!! I love my new siggy and avi soooo much!! It came out sooo good!!
  3. I'm...just not good but it's fine =D
    Howa you baby?
    Everything good? and btw I love your new ava!!
  4. Ryo!! How are you!! XD
  5. OK baby =DD
    I'll ttyl have fun xoxoxoxoxoxooxoxoxox
  6. Everywhere. Anyway I'll be back on later. I gtg so hope to see you then, alright Ryo??
  7. aww baby =( where have you looked? or u could ask an admin to render one for you
  8. T^T It's alright. I'll find something....maybe. I really want Shugo Chara though....
  9. lol ok =D
    aww I would help you render =/ but my gimp got deleted so I can't ='((
  10. Yay!!! Well I'm trying to find renders or I could make my own but I suck at doing renders. I might make a few and show them to you and have you pick.....
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