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  1. AHH I love that anime!! =DD aww I would love any you pick <33
    thank you for making it for me
  2. haven't decided. I want to use Shugo Chara since that is my favorite anime right now but I might just find a good pick that looks sister-like!! XD
  3. OK =DD yay and cool! what anime are you using? =DD
    haha i miss making siggies
  4. Okayz!! lets dance!!! XD

    Okay making siggy now. You'll make the final choice when I am done alright??
  5. -holds hand- same =DD
    but right now I wanna dance XDD
  6. Yeah... I miss him too. My Nee-san. I miss him this much!! *holds hands out* I can't wait til summer
  7. AHH I LOVED DIVINE!! ='(( ARG i want them all back!! ='(
  8. Yeah I know..T^T I just hope everyone else comes on too. like Lasura and Ray(well he gets on but not often) and Divine. I miss them all terribly. Along with you but you're back!!
  9. NOO!!! ='((!!! GRRR!!! ahh
    haha i need new ones
  10. Idk. It was awhile back. Said they might not get back on. Made me cry!!!

    Yeah. Its aweosme!! Oh Ryo could I make a new sig and avi for me and you?? about sisters and stuff???
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