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  1. Lol ok ok I am here hunni ^^ yer I missed u too! hehe it's been getting harder to come on here
  2. Ryo!!! Is it really you??? O.O you really need to get on more!!!! I miss you alot!!! None of my old buddies from last year get on as much!!!!!! *cries*
  3. lolz oh hey Ryo!!!!! Watch this!!!!
  4. HAHAHH!!! hehe no no I am not I am to young! XDD
    though i do like my husband.. XD
  5. @.@!!! I really thought you were telling the truth!!! lolz ^o^
  6. Lol Ummm I am married XD I have 5 kids and a wonderful husband and I am also married to a girl too XD
    ( this is all a joke btw me and my friends I am not married)
  7. ^__^ Nothing much just been hanging out on Ao and other stuff what about you???
  8. LOL I am on!! <333333333333333333
    hehe ok hi!! what's up?
  9. Ryo!!!!! How long are you on?? Talk to me!!!!!!! ^__^
  10. You're welcome ^^ I'm just glad we are able to talk for this short amount of time. I think i might get on tomorrow though so yay!
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