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  1. lol thanks hunni bunni ^^ that means alot to me hehe
  2. Oh really then I should call u senpai ^^ Senpai.
    Wow really then Happy Early Birthday since i won't be here on your B-day. Sucks since i can't be on everyday.
  3. Oh wow hehe do you like high school? lol it's my last year so I am uber happy hehe
    I am good, my birthday is like in 4 more days hehe
  4. ^^ I'm great but really busy. I'm a freshman at school so its kinda crazy lolz but yeah. Man its been like forever since we talked!!!!
  5. HI!!!! I MISSED CHU!! <33333 how are you hunni????
  6. HI!!!!!! OMG i have't talked to u in forever!!!! Talk to me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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