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  1. Lol sweet! ^^ I know what you mean too hehe I need some money
  2. lol my web cam that i want does come with that mic thingie! i cant wait to get some money! to buy me stuff man!
  3. lol I almost got a webcam but I was like XD
    hahah so I got a lil mic thingie ^^
  4. LUCKY!!! I know next year when I get a job thatll be the first thing that I buy besides a webcame!
  5. Lol that's my lappie ^^
    Always in my room when I need it XDDD
  6. Sorry...I just cant get on as often as I used to cuz let me tell you if I could man would I be on like every single day! I need to get my own computer that I can keep in my room and use it lol that would be cool
  7. Lol a little late but thank you ^^ it was oct 25 hehe lol
  8. YEAH ok so then for sure this time im late? SO HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! YEAH!! *bows and then break dances* lol Im such a goof
  9. Lol your actually really early my birthday is in 4 days ^^ hehe but thank you so much ^^ It means alot to me that you remember it
  10. OMG I cant believe that what a butt head! lol I know I think Im late on this but happy birthday!
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