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  1. Hmm, you are my "online" friend, I got lots of online buds and that's the way I'd like to keep it.
  2. And yeeeeah, What, am I not a good enough "friend"?!?!?! >;x
  3. Oh hardy-harr harr. xP I really can act like a child; don't try me meester! Ahem Oh wow, I do need to stop... I'm alrewady giving myself a headache... How often does someone annoy themself untill they get a headache? I mean, really... >_<"
  4. I am starting to get sick of it, stop
  5. Lol, ok, sure. You'll get sick of my ranting eventuall I'm sure, but you asked for it. Jk... Kind of.
  6. I'd rather you just be you, that all I ask from everyone.
  7. Psh, I'm sure you'll get over it. Would you rahter me act like the sad broken down crybaby I am? ;w;
  8. Oh then you mislead me. Shame on you, lol .
  9. Actually, it's the complete opposite. It's a cover-up, trust me. ;_; *sniffles*
  10. Eh, well we could use a few more young smart ones like you, and cockiness is a common quality in most your age. ^^
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