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  1. Oh you know, the usual... Blowing stuff up, etc. (jk... kind of. Don't ask, lol)
    Um... Mainly anime and manga, obviously. My friend brought back some from her last visit to japan and gave me some... Wish I could read it >x<
    Other than that I LOVE to roleplay. I'm in the process of making a new site, cuz I accidently deleted the old portal. o.o idk how... *sniffle* I don't hink I have the energy to make it by myself again though. Siiigh. What about you?
  2. So what do you do for fun ?
  3. Woah, that sounds awesome. I'll make sure to watch it. ;O
  4. I'm gonna compete one day on G4's Ninja Warrior show.
  5. Why hello to you as well. What's this about ninja?
  6. Hello there, would you like to be friends .
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