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  1. heck yeah violins sound sick. like with deathmetal and crap its pretty cool
  2. >_< I can barely play piano. Im thinking of getting a violin, they sound really good in rock music (When you do it rite) What do you think?
  3. nice im really into music and guitar other than that just random stuff
  4. You mean besides the whole anime/manga/rp/chat thingie? Hmm... Well I'm a HUGE rock fan. metal, classic, emo, indie, w-e. my favs alternative tho. >w< What about you?
  5. haha ok no prob, so what r u into
  6. Meh, idrc if you call me that or Sabishii. It's my nickname, that's all. Call me w-e you want. :P
  7. umm ok kalico. y do you want me to call you that? if u dont mind me asking
  8. Uh, gee... I don't know... Well, why not, lol? ^w^ Call me Kalico
  9. umm hi. wanna be friends ?
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