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  1. WEll i really dont know what i really want to do and great for u look like someone has a plan
  2. oh why do you say that i know will have nice spring break i just know
  3. FOr some odds reason i feel as it going to get boring for me somehow
  4. ok yeah some people do awe i hope you have nice spring break i hope you have fun
  5. Congrat and oh him i see. No I am not rather not at the movement I have my reason for it and my plan for spring well my parent did plan soemthing but my spring break is diferent of their cause I am in college my comes ealry so all i guess i can do for break is pratice with my band make some videos and new songs and that pretty much all of it the rest it pretty nothing or maybe plans with clubs maybe?
  6. oh ok are you in a relationship because i am dating Trojan plan on spring break nothing what about you
  7. Because I bored and was just asking dont get serious to though about it alright
    and beside i had nothing else in mind to ask but now i do what ur plan on spring break
  8. nothing much is really going on and why do you want to know if i am in a relationship
  9. So what is going on now what is new how ur life any relationship lol
  10. ok oh i sorry oh yeah i understand copying is not fun when the other person you copied off of gets mad right oh ok
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