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  1. Yes it has have not been on any of my logins for a while and it crazy and cold
  2. hey its been a while since you have been on how are you doing?
  3. why whats wrong i have been moody lately yes tests are hard sometimes
  4. Me i jsut been so down or even woreser my mind is not right cant think right college killing me because of the tests and as for the friend part that happen in Hs butwhatever cant do nothing about it
  5. hey whats up how have you been and i been fine other than there are some people here at my school that i don't like that well
  6. no i have no questions right now but if i do i will make sure to ask you
  7. WEll everyone is busy in life so it cant be help hehehe but enjoy urself on AO make friend but not too much kay but yeah I support those that are new it my hobby but if you had any question go ahead and ask
  8. oh helloo i been busy lately thanks for helping me out and you have a nice day
  9. Heloo new member wecome to AO hope u like it and please to help u out any way i can and have a nice day
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