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  1. sorry for telling you about it and it is nasty stuff yea i agree with you on that
  2. i mean if its an old person in their 70's its alright but if its a young person its just not fair because we live they dont...
  3. holly crap that must have been hard on your cousin nasty stuff sry hate it when people die its just not fair...
  4. wow my cousin got in a car wreck saturday he has scracthes and stiches in the back of his head there were 5 people in the car the car lost control and everybody is okay except that one girl she got killed my cousin was driving
  5. nobody is not realy smart everybody is smart just in a difrent way!!!! lol example:
    a boy called fraser at my school is a genius he is already doing A level exams and he is only in his 1 senior year out of 3 but outside school he is unable to do anything hes got the worst homework grades in my year, but then it comes to me i kick ass at outdoor stuff and i can do homework no problem!!! its a small and restricted example but everybody is difrent lol it just depends on your comfort zone and school usualy is'nt it for most people lol
  6. yeah i will thanks for your help and im not really smart
  7. haha another thing you hate just think of this once you have to get stuck into it you can outsmart a realy arogant person or something like that its fun when you think of it just subjects like english or maths are hard and are made worse by stupid teachers lol just do the same thing as last time make a list of all the good things its a bit harder but still
  8. oh okay i hate school....................................
  9. lol sumit means something shortened version lol if ya know me then u should know all the internet slang lol
  10. well yes essays but we never done this sumit yet............................................... .
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