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  1. THANK YOU!!!!! hahaha and he started paying attention to me and my grade shot up to a 94 X3 im so proud of myself!!!!
  2. that is so stupid...he is just not paying any attention to you and he should start paying attention to you.........yep well i am an excellent reader too.....
  3. mhm and NO!!! He yells at me every day for no reason and today i raised my hand to read from the book and he looked directly at me and then choose the kid all the way across the room!!! and its not like im a horrible reaser im actually an excalent reader!
  4. cool i am not the only one that is always busy.....why ask you science teacher why he hates you?????
  5. yea ive been very busy in school and with myt art class and all the stuff like that..oh and my science teacher hates me for no reason!!!!
  6. oh i have been busy with school work and tests............
  7. Its cool ive been really busy lately too lots of friend issues that its driving me absolutly mad!!!!!!!!!
  8. sorry i have not been on i have just been busy.................
  9. OH OK HAHAHAH....
    id rather not go to sleep and this is a really late message XD
  10. ok................. i am tired too.....
    you can still go to sleep even though your friend is staying over at ur house!!!!!!!!!
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