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  1. thanks i just need to drink my oj and take my medicine hahaha and no problem im always here
  2. ok i hope you feel better and thanks..............................
  3. Im alright i could be better cause im actually starting to get sick myself hahaha but other wise fine and good to hear
  4. ok i will trust you so how are you doing i am doing just fine
  5. oh my god trust me darlin you never ever want to see what i look like after i have had coffee!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  6. well i can not say that because i have never seen you drink coffee
  7. Because according to my friends I'm a total freak and belong in a mental hospital when I drink coffee XD haah
  8. hahaha why do you go insane when you drink coffee i don't lol
  9. Hahaha yea I need a lot of coffee hahahaha XD but the hing is if I have to much coffee I start going insane and I mean pyshco jnsane!
  10. yeah lol hahahahaa coffee is good i like coffee too and yeah you do need coffee to keep you awake
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