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  1. that would scare the crap out of me too and i am so glad you are okay and now that you mention it i am scared that it would happen to me now thanks lol
  2. Hi how are you doing. Yesterday scared the crap out of me! Where i live was hit by two F1 tornados!. OMFG i got off of the bus and the tornados hit. i rran to my friends house. By the time i got to her house i was out of breath. So how are you doing?
  3. i am not up to anything and i am fine thanks. and i am in school right now too.
  4. Hey how are you. what are you up to? i am in school right now.
  5. thats not good fighting do you know when your boyfriend comes back
  6. i am Dating a kid named mason. he got expelled for getting into a fight. well i have to go. i will talk to you later. i will be on at 10:43 ok i am going to our lybrary (dont know how to spell =3) ok bye.
  7. yes i am and i wish he was on yeah i know it is soo cool thanks and who are you dating what did he do to get expelled.
  8. OMG your dating trojan man. that is soo cool. i am a maid. and i wish my bf was still here. but no he had to go and get expelled.
  9. cool what do you do at your job? and did i tell you i am dating Trojan man...
  10. I have been ok. i am sooo happy. i finally got a job!
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