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  1. oh you can tell me why your so lonely..................
  2. *rubs back of head* um no apparent reason why i said i was lonely *smiles nervously*
  3. i have been good too and why did you say your lonely??? ok.....
  4. i have been good and lonely, *sighs* wbu? i'm sure u might someone in ur life
  5. hey i haven't talked to you in awhile i was wondering how have you been?
  6. yes it is a random question but i will answer and no i don't why do you?
  7. oh, *rubs back of head* hey its a random question so u could discard it if u want to, but do u.....have "dark" secrets?
  8. ive been good too and not nothing has happened.....
  9. i've been good, wbu? anything good or bad? i'm just wondering
  10. oh yeah me too........................... so how are you doing?
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