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  1. hey sweetie i miss you and i'm wondering how you are doing?
  2. hey there i'm back and glad to be but cant wait to get everything all set up.
  3. i'm ok just packing and runin around like a cat does on the hunt but things are coming just working really hard on a lot of things.
  4. yeah i think is is a guy thing not sure but maybe i can be in to there marks but other than that count me out.
  5. nah hey it is cool i sope to a guy last night a freind and he said i was crazy for not liking sankes but i willl stick to it no matter what.
  6. yeah a ball python i use to work with a cupole when i was at the pet store and afew other snakes i dislike sankes if there not in a cage if they are in a cage vi like going up and look at there markings.
  7. the rehersal was good it creeped me out with the snake but hey is was sweet i think it likes me cause it just looked at me.
  8. lol hey your very sweet i had a crazy rehersal to day i that it were carzy but good i got real close sanke.
  9. thanks i know what you mean and i know were both really busy and thigs will be ok talk to you later
  10. its a thing we women are very good at and some men a good at it to but i miss all of it talk to you later.
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