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  1. yeah in time i will i'm very good at waitting i just keep myslef up and give him anything he asks of me.
  2. i don't see him to much but i know why and i understand to i just can't wait until i do and hope i can soon and when i tell him about the move hey he might even offer to hlep wich makes him really nice and sweet but i do miss him right now.
  3. i'm doing fine and it was ok my boyfreind his name is kenny and no he does not have an A.O. profile he levies ner me so i can see him when he is off work rarely.
  4. that is a great thing i understand that but i miss my boyfreind but it is ok we talk even if it is not everyday.
  5. thigs seem really wierd right now but they get better i guess all i have to do it stop tryingf to talk to my ex's since they don't dare talk to me.
  6. ok thank you i just wanted to make sure i did not overstep and lines my freinds to me are like my family second family that is and i hope that everything will be ok.
  7. your welcome no prb i'm hear for all my freinds and famlies i feel a part of them even if we have never met sorry to creepy?
  8. just know that i'm here whenever you need anything or just just want anything i will hlep in any way i can
  9. ok thank you and your welcome i know its hard to lose someone colse to you it is never easy but i hope olny good and joy comes to you for a long while.
  10. oh honey i'm so sorry i did not know what you said frist and now i do i'm so sorry that you are going threw this but the pain in time will lessen but you will never foget but you need anything at all you can ask me i'm here for you no matter what.
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