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  1. i'm fine umm why do you hope that your aunt died soon i mean did you guys not get along or have bad blood between you two?
  2. your welcome sweet heart and everything is going to be ok and i'm sure things will get better.
  3. i understand and yes they will be no mattter what and i feel you can do anything i kn ow it no matter what.
  4. things will be ok sweetie and in time you will shine i know this itook me a while to as well but up on stage i was a beatiful black cat i live to dance and be all i can be and i know that you can to no matter what.
  5. a lot happens and sometimes it is just way to much and now i have a lot more to think about life is real and i have to deal with it.
  6. not to much just going home for a few days but it will be ok just need a break i just don't know any other way and kenny i need him to heaer my words and my heart.
  7. yes in time it will work i know how things are with work and hours along with everything else it is very hard.
  8. thank you so very much and i'm sure some time i will i hope we can talk i miss him so much.
  9. thank you your very sweet and etc,etc i wish me and kenny could hang out i'd feel better and i'm sure i could relax all the way.
  10. thank you i know you would never do that to anyone your very nice and sweet and very very strong i love you for that.
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