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  1. thank you that is very kind of you it seems to sometimes get me into a lot of troble and then some people think they can walk all over me not you but ome others.
  2. thanks your one of thye sweetiest people i know and your picture is so very prttey and you are very strong no matter what.
  3. thank you so much it is a good life to not have to worry about not having freinds that really are not.
  4. awwwwww thank you that is so sweet really it means a lot to have freinds as great as you really thank you.
  5. hey thats who i am and i have other freinds who tell me to never change and that they like me just the way i am.
  6. hey your welcome i know it sucks i know how harnd it is to go and do the same things everyday and nothing new ever happens but hey your almost out and you will shine even brighter.
  7. that is good your sticking it out like i did that is a very good thing i'm pround of you really i am and you will be very good i know you will.
  8. this one was way better than the ones i had in high school really those were from hell i could not bare those but this was a better one.
  9. yeah but it is just the way things are and what i say means nothing but i care about my freinds the are like my second family.
  10. hey don't worry i will live throgh this but it hurts to know that my family does not care about me.
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