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  1. awww thanks that is really nice of you to say and i like that you did i will be ok just need to heal i have more injeryies now.
  2. yeah i hope it does to just work on getting well and getting back to who you are and as sweet and kind as i know you always are.
  3. a few things and trying to get the futre i always wanted and then just working on other things and i'm so sorry clods arwe never fun at all.
  4. ok healing now i just have to work on a frew things and be in a good mood so nobody barks at me for being me life sucks right now.
  5. hey there my freind i have not hered from you in a long long time so i thought i'd come by and see how you are doing.
  6. aww thanks and it is ok things are just up and have not come down yet at all.
  7. its ok life is very wieard i've been working on that a long time i t will be ok love you sweetie as a freind and i will see you soon.
  8. hey thank you and no worries i will be here no matter what i love being here for you my sweetheart and i always will be bless it be.
  9. yeah i know so do i that is normal lol and it is very good that we are alive i'm more then happy for that.
  10. yes now there is a few things like bad days and normal stuff but i hope and pray that what has happend to me won't ever happen to you ever.
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