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  1. it means that you have the light of angel within you and you don't have to worry about losing it cause there is no way that you can my freind.
  2. yes i do i rember you telling me that how is the love of your life doing? and i think your very lucky to have the freinds and boyfrend that you do like i siad your have a anglic light.
  3. hey your very welcome sweetie you need as much love right now with what your going threw and i will be here for you.
  4. belssings and anglic light shine on you and your familyand freinds i pray for you and hlod you to my heart bless it be.
  5. thank you and i will try not to worry to much thank you so much and i will always be here for you ok sweetie be my light.
  6. sorry i forgot i did not mean to but i did i'm so so sorry is your aunt still haning on strong?
  7. hey there sweetie how are you doing? how is your granmda? how is everything going right now?
  8. hey i'm happy to do whatever i can i'm here for my freinds and you as one of them mean the world to me a love you and them with all my heart.
  9. see you are sourded by love and you have so many freinds and a great boyfreind you are set and we will be by yourside no matter what.
  10. i hope the same and you know that if you need to talk or anything i'm here for you and i'm sure you have other freinds that are here for you to.
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