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  1. yes i know he is now i talked to him last night and he is good his hand is healing and we be done soon so i'm very happy for that.
  2. yes i do miss him and i'm very worried about him right now since i had a bad dream though i felt his pain and mine it was eogh to make me very sick.
  3. yeah i know it is not bad for me just a lot is going on and i'm waiting to see if and old freind and i can meet and hang out for a while i miss him a lot.
  4. hey that is my job always have been and always will be i know it sucks.
  5. yeah it does get me into truoble sometimes but mosr of the time it makes other peoples day go way better.
  6. hey you are one of my freinds and i'm really sweet to just about everyone that is just how i am don't worry.
  7. your welcome and i know you can i see what i have in you and i found somone better and i know that you can to sweetie.
  8. oh no sweetie i'm so sorry to hear that that is the worst thing to have happen to you i'm so sorry but i know youer better than that you can do better then him anyday and i know so.
  9. oh yourboyfreind huh? well i understand that but he should not mess with me being the female that i am just a little adivce.
  10. hey it is cool i'm 24 and i did add you so no need to worry and hey we are not purfcet no one is.
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