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  1. and the car he was driving lost control and he is also in pain
  2. okay im sorry any ways my cousin got in a car wreck saturday and he was driving and he has stiches on the back of his head and he has screhes on his arms everybody is ok except for one person and she got killed
  3. dont say you draw like crap everyone draws differently as long as your proud thats all that matters
  4. yeah i like looking at peoples drawings they are nice because i cant draw worth a crap lol
  5. well im probally nowhere as good as people here :P i mainly draw graffiti old habbit from school haha but i draw anime too but even if its not the best i like it
  6. i can't draw but i like looking at other peoples drawings
  7. well good to hear ^.^ i use drawing and animes to help me when i feel down haha idk if that sounds wierd but just helps haha. nothing like some good inspiring shows get me feeling good
  8. i feel better thanks i hate when friends are mad too
  9. ah, i dont like when friends are mad it sucks, hope ya feel better
  10. my friend but she is not mad anymore...................................
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