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  1. how was you Christmas did you have a good break hoped you had fun i did it was fine
  2. oh well that's good it's your last day! I come back some time early in January too.Ikr haha yeah I'm like a cold nature person for some reason. Always been that way.
  3. yes i am still in school this is my last day and i come back January 3 i hate school lol yes grades are important awe
  4. yeah I get that way too. Like even though it's Christmas break the time is dragging and in a way I want school, back just to see my grades. other than that I don't want school. oh yes. Cold weather is not great when it gets below 40. I freeze all the time.
  5. but sometimes i feel that time just goes by slow yes and school stresses me out too sometimes and i an ready for summer and the hot weather and i am tired of the cold too
  6. yeahhh haha same. It's always something to do and then stress. argh! I'm ready for summer. And the hot weather. Tired of this cold junk.
  7. yes it is kind of flying by but your right time does just fly by lol i hate school
  8. oh yes very.'s kind of flying by, but still a drag lol
  9. yeah i am lucky and yes you only have 3 more years then your out of school lol
  10. ohhh lol your so lucky! I'm only in 9th grade, so I have a while to go.
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