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  1. hey how are you doing you haven't been on in a while ..........
  2. oh k thanks i wish my boyfriend was on i miss talking to him. but he said he had stuff to do. the guy that i am dating goes by Trojan man on here.
  3. oh sounds like a day packed with fun lol. hope your day goes well then
  4. i take math biology English history study hall and in the cafeteria and i am i study hall
  5. thats cool what classes do you take, I am in a Computer class right now.
  6. your welcome i am in class right now too.................
  7. I am great thanks for asking, I am just in class right now
  8. i am awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1 how are you today?????????????????????????????????????????
  9. yea i added you and thanks again! Oh by the way how are you this fine day?
  10. oh your welcome did you add me????????????????????????????????????
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