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  1. thats nice glad to hear the good news.. sorry on the late reply as well ive been out and i just got back today... well nothing really kool or new with me excpet getting back home from the mountains again.. well see you around sadis till then take care and have a nice day...
  2. Nothing really new with me. My fiance and me went and got my engagement ring today. That was nice. How about you? Anything new and/or exciting with you?
  3. lets see for new years i... drank some dos lunas and played need for speed carbon then some age of empires.... and then i went to sleep... yup thats what i did.... so hpw have you been...? anything new with you....
  4. I didn't really do anything for new years. I sat at home and played video games. It was pretty boring. You?
  5. hey sadis hppy late new years... sorry but i was at the lake for new years and i just got back.... hope you had a blast for your new years.... so what did you do for new years... mind if i ask...?
  6. Hopefully it will eventually go that way for you. Merry late Christmas to you too. ^_^
  7. thats good at least you he's got a job... and lucky too... work and video games sounds like a plan.... if only it work out that way for me... anyways sorry for the lateness but Merry Christmas hope you had a good one sadis... i got to jet but ill hopfully b around more this time... take care
  8. Eh, he's mostly been working. Other then that he's been playing video games a lot.
  9. yup i agree but cant do anything about it at this point anyways waht has ur bf been up to i havent spoken to him in a long time.... any how i got to go again sorry but this time i have to help my dad well catch you later then...
  10. Ugh. Family drama sucks. And yeah, it really really sucks.
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