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  1. well i kinda like x- mas but at the same time i dont.... its only good up to a point till my family starts making drama then i dont like it......but that sucks hat you and me are in the same postions were we cant get anything for our family...any how i got to go but ill be back later later hopefully
  2. Sucks that you can't get gifts for your fam. I understand that cause I can't either. :/ But x-mas itself I like. Nothing really new going on with me really.
  3. im doing alrite... bored as hell but nothing new here... as for christmas na not really im hating this year rite now cuz iv been jobless again and i dont have any way of giving my family their gifts this year.... man what a drag.... guess it cant be helped but man i hateing being a bumm.... any how what about urself.... anything new with you and are you ready for x-mas....? gtg till next time take care
  4. Hey. Haven't talked to you in awhile. How are you? Ready for Christmas?
  5. yooo sadis long time no see.. just thought id drop by and say hi... oh yea happy thanksgiving as well hope you have a wonderful holiday... take care
  6. It's ok. Hm, nothing too new other then my bf is now my fiance. We got engaged on the 16th. ^_^ Anything new with you?
  7. hey sorry again on the late reply ive been working again and well at least the days are going by quicker now days since ive been busy... so how have you been anything new with you well hope things are going well with you... anyways i got to finish here and make lunch for tomorrow... take care sadis
  8. It's ok. It happens. I'm doing good myself. Been pretty busy too.
  9. hey sorry about the late reply ive been busy finding work or actually working.... either way im doing bother.... anyways just thought id drop in and say hi.. hope things are going well with you... sorry but i got to go...
  10. Yeah, everyday seems hotter and hotter to me too. And eh, you're not a bum cause you haven't looked for a job. lol. Just means you need the right motivation. And my bf's doing good. He's been working when he can and trying to take care of his bills. I myself am doing ok enough. Too much stress.
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