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  1. Lmao oh, so it finally registered with him huh? It's about time!
  2. Me too. Lol. Oh, btw, he knows my account now. Finally. Lmao.
  3. That must be nice then. lol That's ironic. I think it's a good avi, makes me think of her devious side a little bit lol.
  4. Yeah, family things are always fun. And Ryoko is my favorite character. But I really liked the Washu avi on here. So I went with it. Washu's pretty cool too.
  5. Thanks and I'm glad you had a good one too. ^^ Ah, family walks must be fun for you guys then. Hm, I always thought Ryoko was the fun one in that show lol.
  6. Glad your day's not that bad. Mine's pretty good. Just got back from a walk with my boyfriend and my bro. And yeah, I am. Tenchi's an awesome show. ^_^ lol.
  7. Not too bad thanks. How about yours? I'm definitely going to try for that. So I take you're a Tenchi fan? lol
  8. So how has your day been? Hope you're doing well. You should get on here whenever you find the time.
  9. If I can find the time, then I'll be on here. Been nice meeting you!
  10. Have a nice day yourself. Hope to catch you on here a lot. As I'm tired, I'm going to go crash for the night. I'll catch you another time.
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