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  1. You should. They're all pretty good animes. Though Hetalia can be a bit....confusing. It's pretty random and nuts. lol.
  2. my #1 is moster at the moment but i'm into naruto, blood trinity, vampire knight, inuyasha, cowboy bepop, ghost in shell,bleach, and tokko.. most of ur's i haven't hear of b4 i think i'll look them up.
  3. I like Naruto, Tenchi, Escaflowne, Big O, Trinity Blood, Basilisk, Hetalia, Dragon Ball Z, Elfen Lied, and Trigun to name a few. You?
  4. well im missbad i'm lazy when it comes 2 typing as u can wat anime r u n2?
  5. Let's see. About me. I'm 21. I love anime, reading, playing video games, making friends, playing online, and drawing. I'm usually easy to get along with. ^_^
  6. Hello. I'm Sadie. I'm new here. Would you like to be friends?
  7. hi, so tell me a little about ur self before i accept ur friend request. if there's anything u want 2 know about me just ask
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