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  1. yeh me to but found out it was not broken it was a sists but it is all done draing and all healed so he is much better thank you and coty.
  2. awww that is so sweet and very cute it works, one of my kittes has a hairline fractor in his front ankle not cool but i think it will heal i will pray that it does.
  3. yeah that is cool wow 9 that is a good number they are very sweet anmails it is very cool.
  4. aww thas is so sweet i'm into loving anmails to and your cat is so lucky.
  5. not paying yet but it is a good one i get to be around dogs and cats all day that i love and thank you.
  6. oh no sweetie sorry that sucks being sick it is never fun but i hope you get well soon and i'm doing well just busy with class getting traspotion for my new job.
  7. hey sweetheart how are you and ctoy doing it has been a very long time i miss you both very much
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