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  1. Haha, My friends owe it to me for Persona too.
    P3 is possibly the best game I have ever played and like you said the music and just everything is amazing
    Although I will tell you that P4 dosent live up to P3. It just dosent...-__-
    I live in the Michigan...Im sorry you dont get much in New Zealand.
  2. I owe it to my friend who got me into it but i was completly blown away by the soundtrack, the unique gameplay and the story was really good. We only get a limited amount sent to new zealand and it was sheer luck that i found p3 and p3 fes. WHere is it that you live??
  3. Hey, whats up? I see you like the persona Series too. =D
    Whats up?
    It sucks that you have to wait till the 13th...-__- I could barely wait till Dec. 9th '08 over here.
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