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  1. Hey, Hey. ^^
    I havent ben online either...I kinda dropped this site. lol
    Buuut im in summer school, so this was the only site im aloud on...
  2. hey!!!! what u been up to? im doin good. ive been out of state. well message me soon
  3. Oh wow. >.<
    I wish I could've gone out somewhere.
    Sounded like fun.
  4. Thats good. i went camping with about 15 of my friends. we were out on this lake for two days
  5. XD Ha! Its nice to know i've been missed.
    I havent been up to much.
    I had an awsome weekend. =] I got to sleep in.
  6. Hi!!!! I missed u!! so what have u been up to? u have a good memorial day weekend?
  7. No problem. =]
    And alright.
    ......................(XD Sorry needed to make the message longer.)
  8. hey!!!!! sorry u have been on much. um thanks for the link to ur myspace. i'll send u a request when i get on tonight
  9. Furries?
    Oh you have a myspace? =] You can add me, the link to my page should be on my profile somewhere. lol
    I have 3 drawings of mine on my profile too. I usually draw anime people.
    No I havent, but that name sounds familiar. Whats it about?
  10. I like to draw all kinds of things. my main types of drawings are furries. i love furries so much. my myspace account is a furry profile too. what kinds of drawings do u make. oh and have u ever read captive hearts before. its a shojo manga that i just started reading. its really good.
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