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  1. I love it when it rains...=]
    I take naps all the time. lol
    What kind of stuff do you draw?
  2. Lucky!! i wish it would stop raining. i want to go home so i can take a nap, draw, then hang out with some friends
  3. Well...alot of people arent here since its senior skip day. >.<
    I want to go home and draw too...but everytime I actually feel like drawing I cant...-__-
    The weather is nice, but its cloudy. =]
  4. Thats good. i cant wait to go home either. ^^ its raining here and im stuck inside the school. i just want to go home and draw. whats the weather like there?
  5. Cool. =]
    My days been good so far.
    I cant wait to get home though.
  6. Thats cool. i'll be 17 in september. so how has ur day been going so far?
  7. Im also 16. =]
    Gonna be 17 in December.
    Which is lovely...-__-
  8. hey just a quick question. how old r u? im 16 so...
  9. no im in study hall. im getting ready for lunch and everything
  10. Hey. glad to see that ur on. so what u up to right now
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