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  1. Ugh...I wanna go to bed right now...>.<
    I hate French...
    Are you in a language class?
  2. I know what u mean. -.- well if u can try to get back on later. i'll be on for sure
  3. Oh. XP Well I have to leave in 5 minutes.
    I dont know when i'll be on again...
    Schools useless...-__-
  4. just sitting at school. Im getting ready to go to my next class in fifteen minutes. i won't be able to get back on until 11:30 today. thats when i have study hall.
  5. Its ok, really. lol
    Whats up with you in the real world? X]
  6. Sorry. like i said im stupid sometimes. XD its just a habit
  7. No im not insulted at all. =]
    I just dont think I act like a guy.
  8. That suxx. and i wasn't trying to insult u. i just wasn't sure u were a boy or girl. im juyst stupid like that sometimes.
  9. lol. Indiana isn't that great either. there is nothing to do here. so ur a girl huh. thats cool. i actually just guessed if u want to know. Hey do u have a cell phone. i tend to text during school and i was wondering if u would like to text.
  10. Michigans not all that great...-__- Except that we dont get that bad of weather.
    And yeah im a girl. lol
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