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  1. Haha thanks. =]
    There all old pictures though...-__- like last year, but I still love them.
    I plan to put more up sometime though...
    I actually color all the time now. XD So I guess i'll put more up in color.
    Really? Drawing the jumper thingy is really easy to me...but hands are a disaster for have no idea.
    I also cant draw cute things...-__-
    but thanks again. =D
  2. Heyho, got your message. ^_^ I had a look through the pictures and I loved them, yep. :3 Very nice art. <3<3 Glad to see something up from you too. x3 I like the one of Shinji, but maybe its just because its coloured. -_- See the collar on Semei? The top of his jumper thingy? I SUCK at doing those. I tried to do one once and FAILED. So congrats for that one. <3
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