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  1. XD yes we are.
    And I have considered girls...but its just a thought. lol
  2. aren't we all failing at talking to guys. This is a personal question but have you ever considered girls?
  3. Oh wow. =x
    Well those are all good reasons you should do it.
    Nothing much is happening with me, just getting failing grades and failing at talking to guys...the usual. lol
  4. I am probally going to break up with my boyfriend b/c 1) he's annoying, 2) he says God D*** a lot and I am a Christian, 3) he says prayer is stupid and that he doesn't beleive in the church, 4) he is really attractive to me (like personality, looks, emotions) so what about you?
  5. XP
    I know right? Im not exactly tired, but...being in school kinda forces you to want to go to sleep. -__-
    Whats up with you?
  6. hey. man I am so tired! I wish I could curl up and fall asleep here!
  7. Ok. =D
    I really like your stuff so was just wondering.
    We had to write a poem for class and it turned out to be a disaster.
  8. no not yet. but i will try to put some on soon..........................
  9. ???
    Your so random. XD
    What is up with you?
    Write any more poems?
  10. heyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy yyyyyyyyyyyyyy
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