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  1. XD yush he is.
    Usually I dont think of there being short people in europe...
    But oh well.
    Wha other anime do you like?
  2. I know that's what I thought. but edward is still very smexy! and edward is a shrimp! XD
  3. Oh I havent read much of it either...
    I just watched the anime, but I already know its about 10x different.
    I should probably read it again sometime...
    I love how Edwards all troubled by his height. lol
    His brother looks better when he's older and not in a tin can. XD
  4. I haven't read the whole series yet. I love edward and his bro but I thought envy was really kick butt!
  5. Ah FMA.
    That WAS a good anime...probably the most depressing too. lol
    To bad it ended...
    My favorite character was Envy. =x
  6. sweetness! I like action anime/manga like that to. I love FMA!
  7. Oh I see.
    I like more actiony anime with a love story thrown in between...Usually...
    As far as music I like just about everything you put down as well. =D
  8. I love pretty weird anime plus, I love emo/goth/scremo/heavymetal/deathmetal/celtic/classical/punk/rock music.
  9. Ok. =]
    Like...What else do you do?
    What kinda books do you read, video games you play, ext?
    Im not lookin for anything specific. lol
  10. well, I don't now if it will be today but it might. What do you mean what else am I into?
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