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  1. Im not trying to ignore you i havent been on in a while i was moving. im sorry. i didnt mean to ignore you
  2. Mabey, I still wanna know you better. I don't even know what you look like. Personality is what I look for but ai still like to know what people look like.
  3. ohhhhh. well i am graduating soon. do you think that once i graduate we could?
  4. why was it somthing i said? or did at least tell me what i did. Is it because i am an atheist? Well then i will change it.
  5. We can't date, sorry......................................
  6. im am usually on around 11. i dont know it depends on what i amdoing at the moment
  7. i was an atheist never really beleived in god. i might become atheist again
  8. well i am a chrishtin. I am open to any guy as long as they are not a drinker or they are abusive. No characteristics And i go for personallities notjust looks. My hobbies are drawing anime. Reading. biking. and just hanging out. My likes are animals, cats dogs u nameit. Dislikes would have to be spiders. idont like them. My version of a perfect relasionship would have to be someone who cares enough to ask whats wrong and means it. My last BF did that 2 years ago and look were that ended up. I guess i would like someone whocan be themselfs. Ya know.And what about you?
  9. Sounds good. I know your 18/f/burlington. Whats ypu ethnic group? What type of guy you looking for, what charachteristics do you look for in a guy. Are you more for personality or looks? What are your hobbies, likes and dislies. Your version of a perfect relationship?
  10. ok well you can ask away! then i will ask the same about you. i would love to know you better too.
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About SageKillz
Hello and welcome to my profile fellow AnimeOnline user. So, I suppose you hoped to see a bit of information about me considering this is my bio? Well, allow me to alaberate on the situation. Your not going to find out much qbout me from my bio. If you feel that strongly to extend your knowledge on me and your not a complete pedo or stalker, feel free to messgae me. I'll be more than happy to tell you more about myself once I develope some sort of trust that your not a total freak like myself, oh the irony! Anyways, Im a nice guy, love makeing new friends as well as keeping the old. Always putting others before myself, not concieted though it may seem so.
Billerica, MA.
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