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  1. Im not trying to ignore you i havent been on in a while i was moving. im sorry. i didnt mean to ignore you
  2. Cool, just completly ignore me now.....................................
  3. ohhhhh. well i am graduating soon. do you think that once i graduate we could?
  4. No no no no no, don't change for anyone. It's not beacause you are atheist, I couldn't care less what you are. You said nothing wrong, but the time you told me your on is a problem with me. When Im in a relationship, I prefer to be able to see/talk to my girlfriend all the time. Im love deprived and so I need someone who is always on.
  5. why was it somthing i said? or did at least tell me what i did. Is it because i am an atheist? Well then i will change it.
  6. We can't date sorry........…….................................
  7. im am usually on around 11. i dont know it depends on what i amdoing at the moment
  8. Cool, when are you on? It seems as though your never inline.
  9. i was an atheist never really beleived in god. i might become atheist again
  10. well i am a chrishtin. I am open to any guy as long as they are not a drinker or they are abusive. No characteristics And i go for personallities notjust looks. My hobbies are drawing anime. Reading. biking. and just hanging out. My likes are animals, cats dogs u nameit. Dislikes would have to be spiders. idont like them. My version of a perfect relasionship would have to be someone who cares enough to ask whats wrong and means it. My last BF did that 2 years ago and look were that ended up. I guess i would like someone whocan be themselfs. Ya know.And what about you?
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