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  1. oh i hate those movies!! those things are creepy it caused my family never to get those dolls that are about the size of human babys!!! i thought you were talkng about another movie !!
  2. It's a series of horror movies about a possessed killer-doll called Chucky.
    The latest movie came out in 2004 called the Seed of Chucky.
  3. whats that???i never watche them..
  4. Good as good can be.
    Been watching the Child's Play movies.
  5. hi how ya doing?
  6. oh thats live in Australia, so does my moms boyfriend.
  7. A bit busy.
    First chirstmas at my house(I live at my parents house), my 2 older brothers came over with there children.
    And a birthday party for me and my nephew on the 4th of jan.
  8. it was good.and how were they for you.
  9. Good myself.
    How was christmas and new years?
  10. hello how are you???
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